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How to Use the Selfie Mode in the Z 30 Mirrorless Camera

photo of a couple taking a selfie using the Z 30, holding onto the camera by the attached grip

Selfies continue to be trendy and something that’s easy for practically anyone to create. All you need is a camera and well, yourself! And the Nikon Z 30 makes taking selfie photos and videos super simple to do. There’s even a selfie (Self Portrait) mode in the camera, When the monitor is facing the front of the camera, the camera changes to Self Portrait mode, and turns off everything except for the shutter release and the video record buttons so you can’t accidentally affect any other adjustments by mistake.

One of the more helpful features built-into the Z 30, like other Nikon mirrorless cameras is Eye-Detection AF. By setting the AF-area Mode (found in the i Menu) to Auto-area AF (people) or Wide-area AF (L-people), the Eye-Detection AF/Face-Detection in the camera will keep focus with your eye as you move.

couple taking a selfie with their dog using the Z 30

You can take selfies a number of ways, from holding the camera at arm’s length, to placing it on a tripod or other sturdy surface. 

For flexibility there are a variety of ways the camera can be used to actually snap your selfie photos. You can use the touch LCD or the shutter button to snap your photos. Frame up your composition, set the camera’s built-in self-timer and jump into the shot. Tap the self-timer icon and you can select the shutter-release delay and number of shots to capture.

You can also use the optional accessory remote (ML-L7) which comes in the Creator’s Accessory Kit for Z 30. Frame your selfie using the Vari-angle LCD, use the ML-L7 to press the time delay shutter, giving yourself two seconds to hide the remote and smile. You can also use the Nikon SnapBridge app on a compatible smartphone to remotely set off the shutter.

The Z 30 is really easy to use to capture video, even when you’re the director, run the camera and are the on-screen talent too! 

Just like in photography mode, you can use the optional ML-L7 remote or your SnapBridge-enabled smart device to start and stop the video recording. And the red ready light will show when your video is recording!

Using the Selfie Mode in the Z 30 Mirrorless Camera -

To see more video instruction about using the Z 30, check out the Getting the Most Out of Your Z 30 video. The course is free when you register your camera at

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