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How to Connect the Z 30 to Smartphones, Tablets or Computers

photo of a woman looking at her smartphone full of photos taken with the Z 30 camera which is next to her.

Using the Z 30 mirrorless camera to create photos and video is simple and easy. It’s also just as easy to share those creations right from the camera. There are a few different ways this can be done, both wirelessly and using wired connections, depending upon your needs.

Using SnapBridge with the Z 30 -

Connecting the Z 30 to a Smart Device

The Nikon SnapBridge app (for compatible iPhone® or iPad® and Android™-powered smartphones and tablets) lets you connect the Z 30 for seamless uploading of pictures and video to your device for sharing via text, email or on your social channels. You can also update the firmware on your Z 30 through the SnapBridge app. Best of all its free! Learn more about SnapBridge here.

It is easy to pair the Z 30 with your phone or tablet via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi®. The App will also let you control the camera to take photos and start/stop video. You can even download new firmware directly to the camera using the SnapBridge app.

You’ve also got the option to download a 2MB web-ready still image file or full resolution file to your device.

Connecting to a Mac or PC to Download Files

If you’re looking to simply download your photo and video files to a Mac or Windows-based PC, there are a few different ways this can be accomplished while using a USB cable.

There’s a USB connection on the camera, and using the Nikon UC-E24 USB cable, along with the free NX Studio (image processing and editing software), you can download images and video straight to your computer from the memory card in the camera.

Another option is to purchase an optional SD media card reader. Media card readers are one of the fastest ways to download files to a computer. There may also be compatible SD card readers for your phone or tablet. Card readers are really helpful when you’ve got hundreds of files to download or large video or RAW (NEF) files.

Nikon also has software that lets you quickly download photos and video to a Mac or Windows-based PC. It’s called Nikon Wireless Transmitter Utility Software and best of all, it’s free! The software lets you connect to either your computer or home network over Wi-Fi. Get the Wireless Transmitter Utility here. Review your camera's user's manual for the step-by-step instructions on how to use the software.

photo of the Z 30 connected to a laptop via USB with images on the computer screen

Tethered Shooting with the Z 30

Want to shoot with your Z 30 tethered to a computer? Use NX Tether software when the camera is connected to a computer. Exposure, white balance, and other camera settings can be adjusted remotely using controls in the computer display. Also, transfer every shot you take to a laptop or computer automatically in real-time. Learn more about NX Tether here.

Z 30 as a High Quality Webcam or for Streaming

Via USB: Want to use your Z 30 as a high-quality webcam? The Webcam Utility is a free software module that allows you to connect your Z 30 to your computer via USB cable and use it as a webcam. You can then select your Z 30 as an external camera in your chosen web conferencing software. Go next level while teleconferencing, showing off the beautiful blurred backgrounds behind you. See more about the Webcam Utility here.

Via HDMI: If on the other hand, you're looking to live stream to your followers on YouTube, Twitch or another streaming service. Simply connect the Z 30 to an optional third-party HDMI to USB converter. You’ll be able to utilize the potential of 1080/60p streaming. And with an external power source, you can stream for hours.

photo of a young man looking at his phone, with a plate of fruit and a Z 30 sit on the table.

Utilizing HDMI for TV Viewing or Advanced Video Recorder Use

Another connectivity option that you’re able to utilize is connecting the Z 30 via an optional HDMI (Type D) cable. Why might you want to utilize an HDMI connection? To connect the camera to a television for viewing your still images or video with audio.

More advanced video shooters can also connect the Z 30 to an optional external HDMI recorder if they're planning on recording a lot of video content and don’t want to have to keep swapping out media cards. 

To see more video instruction about using the Z 30, check out the Getting the Most Out of Your Z 30 video. The course is free when you register your camera at

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