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Contrôlez vos photos à distance : Nikon Camera Control Pro utilise le câble USB ou Firewire fourni et/ou les adaptateurs WiFi optionnels pour certains modèles afin de vous permettre de capturer des images exceptionnelles, quel que soit le sujet.

Prise en charge LiveView : Lorsque cette fonctionnalité est activée, les aperçus en direct depuis l’appareil photo sont pris en charge sur les modèles D3, D700, D300 et D90. Vous voyez ce que vous allez prendre!

Amélioration graphique de l’interface utilisateur: La simulation d’écran ACL (appareil photo) sur l’écran de l’ordinateur offre les mêmes fonctions que le viseur de l’appareil photo qui a été modifié pour s’adapter aux derniers appareils photo.

Utilitaire d’Optimisation d’images : Sur certains appareils reflex numériques Nikon tels que le D3, D700, D300 et D90, l’ajustement personnalisé des images, notamment les données de courbe de correction des tons, peut être enregistré. Le comportement de l’appareil photo est ainsi adapté à la vision du photographe, ce qui améliore l’efficacité lors de l’utilisation simultanée de plusieurs appareils photo.

Compatible WiFi : Outre la prise en charge des connexions USB par câble, Camera Control Pro fournit également la compatibilité avec les émetteurs sans fil optionnels WT-2a, WT-3a et WT-4A. Lorsqu’ils sont connectés à un appareil numérique reflex, les modèles WT-2a, WT-3a et WT-4A permettent d’effectuer des prises et des réglages à distance par l’intermédiaire d’un réseau local sans fil WiFi.

Compatible avec la fonction d’authentification d’images de Nikon : Les données d’images peuvent être transférées et stockées sans incidence sur la fonction d’authentification.

Camera Control Pro 2 2,2 5 42 42
Great Software I have been using this software for over a year and a half. It does a great job with being able to take pictures through my computer with my D800 tethered. I initially had some troubles getting my computer and camera to sync up but persisted (and bought another USB cable) and it works perfectly now. I had it running on a Windows 7 computer and now have it fully functional on a Windows 8.1 system. Other than the original issue with getting the software and the camera talking, it works like a charm and I have had no problems. There are some people who are complaining about having to pay for this software, well it does a lot and I understand that Nikon has to charge for it to be able to maintain and support it. After spending what I did for the D800 I really have no problems spending this for the software. Spend some time with it and you will learn a few tricks and find it to be as useful as I do. I use it at least twice a month and have gone through spells where I use it almost daily. If you need any support then just post a question on the support forum off the product page and either I or one of the other great Nikon users will be happy to respond to your question in a day or two. It would be nice to have it run full screen, but that is definitely not a deal breaker with this software. All I have to do is zoom in and move around on the image to view what it looks like. I have used it for stacking and the focus feature works great to accomplish this with nice small and consistent steps. 26 octobre 2013
Fantastic program works great on windows 7 (64 bit) Camera Control pro 2 is a great program because it supports tethered shooting with Nikon cameras and is even updated to work with the new D600. It also works great with windows 7 (64 bit). I have read that Mac users are upset that it does not work with new Mac OS update. I can shoot and view large RAW files ( 24 MP 14 bit uncompressed) almost instantly. Provides all histograms and allows the user to enlarge any part of the photo for closer examination. Thank you NIKON. 28 septembre 2012
Very good It has all the essential settings you have in the camera menu. I had absolutely no problems with the software, the speed is great on a decent computer with a decent camera (even on x64 win 7). I have found no bugs (oh, except one, on a tab is writen "moive" instead of "movie" :) ). I had used CCP with a d90 and now with d7000. I love the live view option, lets you focus anywhere and is perfect for viewing the colors and the final look of the photo directly on the monitor. I also love how the new features of the d7000 were added especially "timelapse photography", a very usefull feature. With a decent computer, a decent camera and a lot of creativity this software is very helpfull. 28 janvier 2012
Six Months and Still Waiting CC Pro 2 is very capable and useful in the studio. Unfortunately, if you have a new Mac you cannot use it. I fear that by the time they make it compatible with Lion, it will be incompatible with the next OS upgrade. I gave it stars for the features and functionality, but it is useless if it will not run on computers that have been out for over half a year. 9 décembre 2011
Great Software This is a wonderful software. It allows full control of my Nikon D90. Its coolest feature is the "Time Lapse Photograhy", with which one can take photos at regular intervals automatically. I will definitely recommend this. 14 octobre 2011
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