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Great camera futures in a small package. Excellent Zoom Range for taking still photos, and excellent sound and quality for video recording. 25 novembre 2013
Máquina versátil e com ótima qualidade de imagem (foto e vídeo). Esta S8200 é, realmente, um diferencial: 16 MP e zoom óptico de 14x! Além diso, permite fotos em preto e branco que são uma verdadeira arte (poucas máquinas disponibilizam fotos em preto e branco) ... e a filmagem em três diferentes velocidades fazem dela uma máquina que é um referencial no mercado. 20 mars 2013
Magnífica cámara Acabo de viajar a China y me ofreció un muy buen servicio el equipo. Muy recomendable por poderosa y compacta. 5 novembre 2012
Love this camera! I purchased this camera because of its 14x optical zoom and 16 mPixels. It replaced my prior digital "point and shoot" that had only 5x optical zoom. I used to shoot with a SLR back in the old film days and got tired of hauling it around when I do outdoor stuff - which is how I mostly use my camera. So have used a series of "point and shoot" cameras, initially film based, then digital. This one is more compact that my former 5x zoom camera and even fits into my jeans pocket when hiking. I took this to Alaska and got some fantastic shots using the zoom. Far better than my former 5x optical zoom. I was worried about getting a camera without a viewfinder, since I needed it often with my former camera because the LCD screen was difficult to see outdoors. Not so with this one. Even in really bright sunlight, I can see the image on the LCD screen. OK, sometimes I sort of have to shield it with my hand if the sun is shining directly on the screen. I like the many different settings - not only the "scene selector" options, but that you can change numerous other settings, such as white balance, metering, area of focus, etc. It does NOT have "shutter priority" or "aperture priority" settings, but there are so many other ways to achieve the same thing, it is not needed and the camera computer probably does a better job anyway!! But the lack of "aperture priorty" does limit a bit the ability to adjust the depth of field in macro shots. But I still got some fantastic macro shots using the camera's macro setting. I have yet to use all the different settings, but have played around with some, such as the "Pet Portrait" which is kind of cool, and "Night Landscape" - great night shots without a tripod!! Overall, I am very pleased with this camera. 14 octobre 2012
CoolPix S8200 After some extensive research I purchased this camera as a back-up to my D80 after I wore out my CoolPix S550. I ordered a red one so it wouldn't get lost in a sea of black in my camera case. I love this camera! The colors scream and I really like the ability to adjust color vividness/saturation and hue in a sliding scale, instead of just on or off. The fact that it has an HDR setting hidden in the menu was a real surprise. I haven't tried it yet, but I will as soon as an opportunity arises. I also like the different pre-sets that this model has over the S550. Its ability to focus in low light is super; far and away better than my old S550. I shot all weekend [200+ photos] and the battery still indicates a full charge. The range of the zoom is phenomenal for a pocket camera and the anti-shake works VERY well, even in low light. The flash popping up under your left index finger is a bit disconcerting, but it's nothing more than retraining your left hand to hold the camera differently in low light; I'm already getting better at it. I wish you could put the flash back down without turning the camera off, but that really isn't a 'put off' for me. I also wish the matrix metering would work in 'scenes' mode, but that's probably asking too much for this type of camera. I like the fact that the lowest ISO is 100; the S550 was 64 but this is close enough. I shoot more low ISO shots than high because of the finer grain, so that was a serious consideration. The plethora of white balance settings was another major consideration that lifted this camera above the Panasonic model I was also considering at the time of purchase. 9 octobre 2012
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