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Excellent objectif à vitesse d’obturation rapide f/1.8 et au format FX compact (longueur focale fixe)
Bien que parfaitement adapté aux appareils reflex numériques au format FX, l’AF-S 50 mm f/1.8G est tout aussi à l’aise avec n’importe quel appareil reflex numérique Nikon au format DX doté de la technologie SWM (Silent Wave Motor) et d’un objectif asphérique.
Lentille asphérique
Supprime presque entièrement la distorsion et les autres types d’aberrations, même lors de prises de vue aux plus grandes ouvertures possibles.
Ouverture arrondie du diaphragme à sept lamelles
Permet un rendu du flou d’arrière-plan (Bokeh) plus naturel.
Technologie SWM (Silent Wave Motor) Nikon
Pour une mise au point automatique rapide, silencieuse et précise.
Revêtement Nikon Super Intégré (SIC)
Améliore la transmission de la lumière et la cohérence des couleurs. Permet également de réduire les reflets.
Ouverture arrondie du diaphragme à sept lamelles
Permet un rendu du flou d’arrière-plan (Bokeh) plus naturel.
AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G 4,9 5 71 71
Just great! I have both this lens and the older 50mm 1.8D. I own both versions because I own two D7000's that I use for video and photography. This review will be like a comparison between the two. I'm basically just stating my personal opinions and observations. This G lens is better suited for photography. It produces slightly smoother bokeh but much nicer and rounder bokeh balls when compared to the older D version. Wide open both lenses perform well but this G version produces sharper images at f1.8~2. However once you stop down to say 2.8 or smaller then you'd be hard pressed to tell the differences. As for subject tracking the newer G lenses just stick to your subjects like glue. The SWM motors just seem to track moving subjects quicker and with better precision. The old D version is no slouch either, but once you use an AF-S G lens to track someone running or people moving around in a play then you'll really start to appreciate Nikon's SWM motor. Of course this is also assuming that you know how to properly setup your cameras AF system. I like to use 9 or 21 points in AF-C mode on my D7000. I find those modes to be perfect for moving or unpredictable subjects. As for video well Nikon has breathed new life into their older AF-D lenses. The D lenses have an aperture control ring which can be enabled and used on bodies like the D7000 and higher ( f6 in the custom menu). With the aperture ring enabled you can now change your aperture settings without leaving live view. You can also change your aperture while recording video. The aperture control ring alone is why I also bough the older D version. Overall if you don't shoot video and don't mind spending the extra money on this new G lens then by all means go for it. Also if you own a D3k or D5k series then this lens is your only option. As those bodies don't have built in AF motors. However if you do own a D7000 or higher end body then consider the older AF-D lens. Its very compact and its performance is amazing. Both lenses are great and you really can't go wrong with either one. 19 avril 2014
Simply Superb After using this lens for over a month I have zero complaints. I've been using this on a D3200 and couldn't be happier. The switch from the kit lenses was phenomenal. Super sharp, great color, and fast autofocus. It doesn't get much better than this. 6 avril 2014
Great lens. It has fast focus and great picture quality. It is small and light too. 21 mars 2014
I love this lens! this is a great lens. It is very easy to use, and the photos come out great. I am only 14 years old and I completely understand how to use this lens. I use this with my d3100 camera, and I love how I am able to switch between manual and auto focus. I also love the depth of field it has.I would definitely recommend this lens! 3 mars 2014
50mm 1.8 G A no brainer, just get one. On a D7100 this lens captures an amazing image in near dark conditions. It is crystal clear, handles depth of field possibilities superbly, and portraits are as good as you'll ever need. Spend $1000 if you must; for 99% of us your images won't be any better than this lens produces. 8 février 2014
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