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Excellent objectif à vitesse d’obturation rapide f/1.8 et au format FX compact (longueur focale fixe)
Bien que parfaitement adapté aux appareils reflex numériques au format FX, l’AF-S 50 mm f/1.8G est tout aussi à l’aise avec n’importe quel appareil reflex numérique Nikon au format DX doté de la technologie SWM (Silent Wave Motor) et d’un objectif asphérique.
Lentille asphérique
Supprime presque entièrement la distorsion et les autres types d’aberrations, même lors de prises de vue aux plus grandes ouvertures possibles.
Ouverture arrondie du diaphragme à sept lamelles
Permet un rendu du flou d’arrière-plan (Bokeh) plus naturel.
Technologie SWM (Silent Wave Motor) Nikon
Pour une mise au point automatique rapide, silencieuse et précise.
Revêtement Nikon Super Intégré (SIC)
Améliore la transmission de la lumière et la cohérence des couleurs. Permet également de réduire les reflets.
Ouverture arrondie du diaphragme à sept lamelles
Permet un rendu du flou d’arrière-plan (Bokeh) plus naturel.
4,9 5 88 88
Great Lens Running it at about 75mm on a DX camera. It is a sharp fast lens that works decently indoors without a flash. Don't miss it not having VR either as with the f1.8 lens it is quick enough in most situations you won't miss it. Everything I read so far was right. You do need a fixed focus lens for your first DSLR and this is a great one for the money. 5 janvier 2015
This is problably best money spend on lens ever Coming to prime lens which is a further extensive decision that i took, I got stuck with lot of options. There are too many prime lenses available and was unable to find the best one suitable for me. I have gone to many reviews and recommendations through out the net finally i purchased this lens. What can i say.. its so awesome for street photography and Bokey is just Bockelicious..! (sorry my spellings are wrong) The lens is very fast and very compatible with my D7100. The AF speed good and decent, and it can be overdrive anytime- I found this more useful feature - better than 1.8D. Sharpness is good wide open and excellent from 2.2 and up- the tested copy of 50mm G's on SLR gear site must be a lemon copy ( also at 2.2 has little less vignetting and bokeh fringing), contrast is very good wide open and it's not hazy(!) like in other primes wide open apertures. It' renders good natural colors with neutrall feel in them perhaps little towards warm side and not very ''cold'' looking ( at least on my copy). A lot of people say that 50mm is useless on dx- I don't agree on this I think this is totally fine focal length on dx ! 4 janvier 2015
AF-S NIKOR 50mm f/1.8 G Great great lens Works with D50, great lens, good for indoor low light. Happy with it. recommend it. 2 décembre 2014
Great Lens! I was deciding between the 1.4 and the 1.8. After reading many reviews, I picked this lens, didn't disappoint! 14 octobre 2014
Love this lens! I'm new to the DSLR community so I did some research on what lens would be the best fit for my needs...mainly taking photos of my nine month old. I'm so glad I chose this lens - the photos I've taken with it are beautiful. I still have a lot to learn so I can't wait to see everything this lens is capable of! 21 septembre 2014
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