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Excellent objectif à vitesse d’obturation rapide f/1.8 et au format FX compact (longueur focale fixe)
Bien que parfaitement adapté aux appareils reflex numériques au format FX, l’AF-S 50 mm f/1.8G est tout aussi à l’aise avec n’importe quel appareil reflex numérique Nikon au format DX doté de la technologie SWM (Silent Wave Motor) et d’un objectif asphérique.
Lentille asphérique
Supprime presque entièrement la distorsion et les autres types d’aberrations, même lors de prises de vue aux plus grandes ouvertures possibles.
Ouverture arrondie du diaphragme à sept lamelles
Permet un rendu du flou d’arrière-plan (Bokeh) plus naturel.
Technologie SWM (Silent Wave Motor) Nikon
Pour une mise au point automatique rapide, silencieuse et précise.
Revêtement Nikon Super Intégré (SIC)
Améliore la transmission de la lumière et la cohérence des couleurs. Permet également de réduire les reflets.
Ouverture arrondie du diaphragme à sept lamelles
Permet un rendu du flou d’arrière-plan (Bokeh) plus naturel.
4,9 5 79 79
Bokelicious It is a very fast lens with some excellent Boke(h). AF is fast and smooth. if you want a relatively inexpensive lens for everyday shooting This one is a winner & should be in your go to bag. 22 août 2014
gran objetivo,imprescindible pensaba comprar el 1.8D ,y sinceramente creo que este le supera con creces el bokeed es mucho mas suave y atractivo a la vista y el efecto estrella en las fotografías nocturnas resulta sorprendente ,junto al 35mm 1.8G ,se me hacen dos objetivos imprescimdibles y con una calidad /precio que pone a disposicion de los aficionados opticas de pro 21 août 2014
Great Glass This 50mm 1.8 is a great piece of glass. This on a DX body acts as about a 75mm lens. Because of this, it is a very good and affordable portrait lens for DX users. This was the first lens I bought with my D5200, and I have gotten very good and very sharp results. At times, the image can look a little soft when at 1.8 (or at least close to 1.8). I will admit that sometimes this is my fault, but there are other times I would put the blame on the lens. I do not experience a lot (or any) distortion for the most part, and very minor chromatic aberration, so there is not a lot of fixing you need to do in Lightroom. I have probably had the best results around f/2.8 and on people, animals, and plants. It can sometimes not yield the best results for landscapes because it might not be wide enough, but if the conditions are right, you're bound to get a sharp shot because this glass is very good. I would just like to note that there is no VR and there is a M/A setting which lets you use the focus ring while also being able to autofocus (comes in handy for video). All in all, it is a good piece of glass, just remember you might have to take a few steps back when taking a shot and to shoot around f/2.2-2.8 for a sharp and good bokeh shot. 24 juillet 2014
The Most Bang For Your Buck! I am an amateur photographer that is broadening my skill set. Someone suggested to me to either try the AF-S 35mm or the 50mm. I went with the AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G and I am so glad that I did. The way that this lens performs in low light situations is perfection. The bokeh it produces is beautiful. I have tested it on my dog and on people and the way I can easily transition on the manual settings is unmatchable for any of the other lenses I have. I can easily change the Aperture and Shutter Speed in a jiffy and the quality is consistent. I highly recommend this lens for anyone because it's so fairly priced, you cannot pass it up. 30 juin 2014
Great lens I bought this lens refurbished a few months ago. I have loved the pictures it helps me create. Saved a few bucks and so far it has operated in low light completely happy with it!!!! 17 juin 2014
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