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La stabilisation d’image par réduction de vibration (Nikon VR) fournit 2 niveaux** de prise de vue à main levée sans flou, assurant des images fixes et des vidéos HD considérablement plus nettes.

Trois lentilles en verre à dispersion extra-faible (ED) pour une résolution et un contraste élevés, même à des ouvertures maximales.

La stabilisation d’image VR est automatiquement détectée dès la mise en mouvement. Deux modes VR : Plan image et Viseur.

Le filtre ne tourne pas pendant la phase de zoom.

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Extremely useful on the move Most reports on this lens indicated slow focusing and average image quality, and my first hand-held shots of flying birds confirmed it at relatively high shutter speeds (1/800 and more) with VR on. I then took a series of hand-held shoots of still subjects at 400mm from my balcony and I discovered that the images where very sharp at relatively low shutter speeds (around 1/400 and no more than 1/600). That appears to indicate that the VR system needs such a time window to average its effect. On the other hand, this lens does not have a built-in focusing motor, and autofocusing relies on the camera (only Nikon cameras with a focusing motor are compatible with the feature). Autofocusing is indeed slow. Nevertheless, the lens allows for the selection of autofocus ranges, and I found that, with the proper range, and when it has little tracking to do (for example, following a bird that took off from a standing point), the success rate is surprisingly high at 400mm, with very sharp images (DX format). Around 200mm, the images are comparable to best obtained with my other lenses. Although not light, this lens is very well balanced for hand-held shots on a D300 with its power grip, it offers a 12x magnification in the DX format, and the whole set can be comfortably carried, ready to use, in a backpack with a 18-200mm zoom and a flash unit. 25 novembre 2011
good I like this lens it's range is great. Only thing I would like to see is to make it a bit faster to focus faster. 15 août 2011
Awesome Lens and a great price I just added this lens to my stable of Nikon lenses. It is a great all around lens. I do wildlife photography as well as sports photography. I have found the lens to be a fantastic addition. 29 juillet 2011
The Best I have owned the 80x400 zoom for several years now and still find it to be an outstanding lens. Its versatility in focal length coupled with VR makes it my pick for wildlife photography. I cannot tell you how many elk, moose, RM sheep, deer and birds I have shot with it and all came out great! 1 juillet 2011
Excellent lens This lens, for the price, is absolutely outstanding. The stabilisation makes it a cinch to use hand-held for wildlife, and put on a camera with a high ISO (to compensate for the f/5.6 at the maximum zoom) you can get shots in a huge range of environments. On safari I think there are few better lenses. Being able to shoot down at 80mm without swapping lens, but still have a 400mm lens for the long shots is fantastic. Shooting wildlife under canopy the 70-200mm f/2.8 is a better lens, but for general purpose wildlife it is hard to beat this lens. I was shocked by how good this lens was in this role. 23 juin 2011
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