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Excellent zoom téléobjectif pour les prises de vue de sport et de nature.

Ouverture rapide f/2.8 maintenue sur toute la plage de zoom.

3 éléments en verre à dispersion extrafaible (ED) pour une haute résolution et un niveau de contraste élevé même à des ouvertures maximales.

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Nikon's Legendary f2.8 Tele-Zoom I have used this lens on assignments around the world. It's been dropped, splashed with salt water, left in hot vehicles for hours on end, caked in sand, and no matter what I do with it, it continues to make extraordinary pictures every time out. It focuses nearly as fast as the 70-200 AFS, yet it is noticeably smaller and lighter, and best of all it costs one-third less! Yet its optical performance is absolutely unreal. Sharpness, contrast and colour fidelity are spectacular. Distortion is minimal, ghosts and flare are unheard-of. It's built like a tank. Several people have asked me why I don't upgrade to the 70-200 AFS with VR, but in all honesty I just don't see what I would gain. This lens does everything I ask of it and more. Wonderful lens that every photographer should have in their bag. 6 août 2010
Great alternative to 70-200 This lens has been fantastic for shooting horse shows, and for everything else as well. It's a little long for close up work but if you've got room to back up does fine for portraits. Always sharp, and very fast, it is a fine sub for the twice as expensive 70-200. It's heavy though, be sure and get a more elastic foam type strap for long outings to avoid neck chaff. Good for indoors especially w today's awesome high ISO sensors. Most indoor arenas can be shot at ISO 3200 or less at 2.8 without flash. 30 juillet 2010
The best mid range zoom lens from Nikon I’ve been with Nikon gear since 1993 and my “mayor” fist buy was the older version of this lens (the push-pull barrel with no tripod mount). I start with this comment because this version corrects almost all the disadvantages of its predecessor. The “slow” barrel motion to get the correct focal distance and the BIG issue that you need to buy a “cradle” to hold the lens to a camera in order to put both together mounted in a tripod. In terms of price you’ll find it in about $1,200 and it worth every dollar invested. The “new” version moves smooth and fast depending on which camera you put on. The new versions like the D600 are quite faster than the older ones but the fact that still uses the motor in the body makes it a little slower vs. the 70-200mm version. The optics are exceptional and with poor light conditions or indoors you can get razor blade sharp photos at f/2.8. This lens is also great for portrait because you can move form 85mm to 135mm with a little twist of hand. Allowing you to be more still or to keep a good distance vs. your subject. The other advantage is its shallow depth of field that allows you to have really blurred backgrounds. Since I can remember all the Nikon (ED rated) are simple the best in class. The colors are true and the definition and sharpness always at the top. They worth the extra bucks! Another advantage is the filter size (77mm) if you are considering to move to top of the line gear you can invest in Nikon Filters such as the New soft focus or the circular polarizer and use between them. There are now plenty of other top lens with such filter size. This is important when you buy a Polarizer of +$125 USD. I tested the 80-200mm VR and the outcomes in terms of quality are almost the same, the difference is if you take photos without tripod at focal lengths higher than 105mm. As a thumb rule you need a speed that doubles the focal length in order to avoid camera movement. In this case to obtain a 1/250 sec. in low light or indoors is not that easy. Nevertheless now we can “compensate” using a higher ISO number. In the old days the use of an ISO 400 film was considered fast. Now with the newer Nikon DSLR you can set the ISO at 800 or 1600 and still get outstanding results. Some consider this lens “old fashion” because don’t come with the VR features but this depends on you. I still like to “think” when you are taking portraits and compensate the camera movement and lighting conditions, making photography both, challenging and rewarding. 1 janvier 2014
True work horse! I've bought this lens at least 12-13 years ago and have taken 1,000's, and I mean 1,000's, of first quality pics (35mm and digital) with it. It's truly a beast and it has been trucked all over the world and has never failed me! My photo buddy has the 80-200 VR II and we can't tell the difference, except that he's not very happy about spending a grand for VR that he doesn't ever use! We're both shooting D800's and as with every Nikkor 2.8 lens, the images are spectacular. But that's what I expect or I wouldn't have switched from Canon 14-15 years ago!! 3 août 2013
Great Lens I have used this lens a few times under different solutions & have found it to be very reliable, incredibly sharp easy to use in close to distant shots in an instant. I only have it 3 months this winter season & can't wait to use it a great deal more the rest of the year when the weather is agreeable. So far I have only hand held this lens with excellent results but this lens is best used on a tripod where its full potential can be explored.I attached 4 of the most recent hand held shots in sequence of the gull flying/landing & the dog came out of nowhere & I adjusted & got him too.! All in one motion & zooming in/out thats how easily this heavy duty lens reacted. The heavy weight is offset by the excellent results achieved. 23 mars 2013
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